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Grocery Store Tour

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Need help navigating the grocery store? Let us help! Download our Grocery Store Tour video and go aisle by aisle with us and learn:

  • How to read nutrition labels
  • How to evaluate ingredients
  • Nutrition basics for every aisle
  • What to be conscientious of in every aisle
  • How to make healthier choices
  • All the in’s and out’s of how to grocery shop to improve health

Get a sneak peak of the tour here!

ORDER the video! $45. Use order code 100.

Interested in learning more about other areas of nutrition? Check out our gut health unit! Learn about dietary and lifestyle changes to support gut health, the microbiome, how to grocery shop to support gut health and more!

Check out our gut health unit!

Have a nutrition topic to suggest? Let us know!

How Healthy Plate Living Can Help You

Interested in a video or resource? Getting the information sent to your inbox is easy!

Check out our Resources page and decide on the right level for you — the ‘basics’ for a simplified explanation and immediate steps to take OR the ‘deep dive’ for a deeper explanation of the information and steps to take.

Email me through the contact links at the bottom of each resource, or through the Contact page and we’ll set up payment.

I’ll email a link for the video and all resources included! You can go back and watch the video as many times as you’d like. 


What topics in nutrition do you cover?

Right now we have our gut health unit available! There are virtual grocery store tour, gut health overview, digestion overview, lifestyle changes to support gut health, and dietary changes to support gut health videos available.

What topics in nutrition are coming next?

The next nutrition topic that will be available is a general nutrition unit designed around eating on a budget. This will cover basic nutrition information like how to read a food label, evaluate ingredients and foods, how to grocery shop on a budget and more!

Do you offer nutrition topics for pregnant or new moms?

We’re currently working on a new unit focused specifically for pregnant moms and new moms! The unit will include dietary changes during/after pregnancy, lifestyle changes during/after pregnacy, how to support milk production post-partum and more!

What is the benefit of learning through videos?

It’s easy! We do all of the research for you and compile it in an easy to understand format. All you have to do is sit back and watch. After the video is over, you can go back and watch it as many times as you need and consult the writeen summaries that come with each video.

How do I know if the 'basics' level is right for me?

Do you just want to know the necessary information and what immediate steps to take? Are you less concerned with knowing the ‘why’s’ and knitty gritty information of each topic? Do you need a quick explanation? Then the ‘basics’ is perfect for you!

How do I know if the 'deep dive' level is right for me?

Are you looking for a deeper explanation of each nutrition topic? Do you want to know the what’s, how’s and why’s of each topic? Do you learn best from getting all the answers and having a thorough explanation of the information and steps to take? Then the ‘deep dive’ is perfect for you!

What if I'm interested in a nutrition topic that you haven't covered yet?

Feel free to reach out to us via the Contact page! We’re always looking for new suggestions of topics to cover that are of interest and benefit to people 🙂

How do I get the videos and resources?

Your first step is to figure out which video or resource you want to purchase. The next step is to email us telling me which one you want to purchase. We’ll email an invoice that you can pay directly from your email inbox via credit or debit card. Once you’ve paid we’ll email a link of the video or resource to you!

How does payment work?

Once you’ve emailed us and told us which video you’d like to purchase, we’ll email you an invoice that you pay directly from your inbox via credit or debit card. Once you’ve paid, we’ll email a link to the video or attach the resource!

What if I need extra help learning about a topic?

I do offer hourly consulting via Skype for those who need one-on-one help. Reach out to me if you feel you would benefit from this!

Can I download the videos or resources directly from your website?

This is a feature we’re in the process of working on! Right now all payment and videos are sent via email. Soon you’ll be able to pay for and download videos directly from our website.