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Meet Healthy Plate Living

Understanding nutrition has never been easier! Healthy Plate Living was founded by Lauren Staal with the main goal of helping people improve their lives through the power of nutrition. What started as a local nutrition consulting business, Healthy Plate Living expanded to focus on providing people nationwide with education on niche topics within nutrition. We’re a trusted source with a background in nutrition, and our resources are backed by extensive, science-based research. We believe in empowering people to improve their lives through providing them with the knowledge they need to do so.

Nutrition is a critical component that is often overlooked or underemphasized when it comes to health and wellness. We understand that people often leave visits with their doctors or health practitioners with questions — particularly about nutrition. That’s where we come in. We educate people so they understand the most important components of nutrition so they can apply it to their lives and treatments.

The videos and resources we create help people understand the in’s and out’s of niche nutrition topics, like gut health, that apply specifically to them. Unlike general nutritionists or counselors, we take the time to extensively research the niches to compile the most pertinent and useful information for our customers. Skip sifting through confusing or misinformation on internet and use Healthy Plate Living instead. We make it easy for you!

Please check out our Resources page to see what we currently offer. Stay up to date on our next nutrition units by joining our newsletter. Have a suggested topic for us to cover next? Let us know!

“Our mission is to empower people to improve their lives through providing them with the nutrition education they need to do so.”

Healthy Plate Living, LLC publishes nutrition education resources for it’s customers. The information provided should in no way be construed as medical advice. Information contained in HPL’s resources should never replace or be used as a substitution for medical advice and information provided by your health practitioner. Healthy Plate Living, LLC is not a licensed medical provider.