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What’s Included in the Grocery Store Tour? 

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Whether you’re new to grocery shopping or a seasoned pro, everyone can benefit and learn something new from our Grocery Store Tour video! Everyone has room for improvement in their lives when it comes to developing and sticking to healthy habits, and a big part of that starts at the grocery store.

In our hour-long video, we take you aisle by aisle highlighting everything you need to know to make healthier choices. So what exactly will you learn during this video? Some of the highlights include:

  • How to read nutrition labels
    • Specifically the key things to pay attention to
  • How to evaluate ingredients 
    • This is a huge part of making healthy choices and is an area everyone can benefit from 
  • Nutrition facts that are important to note for each aisle
    • For example, have you ever wondered what the difference between healthy and unhealthy fats are? And how to determine whether a fat is healthy or not? 
  • What to be conscientious of for each aisle
    • For example, when choosing red meat, it’s important to look for “grass-fed, pastured and free range” on packaging.
  • Multiple product comparisons for each aisle
    • How to compare ingredients and nutrition facts to evaluate products and make better choices
  • My picks for each aisle
    • This will give you a great jumping off point when grocery shopping!
  • Answer all of your questions along the way!
    • Is it really important to buy organic?
    • Why is it important to buy quality foods…especially when it comes to dairy and animal products?
    • What are the pro’s and con’s of buying fresh vs. canned vs. frozen foods?
    • Are certain “healthy” or “better for you” foods actually good for me?
    • What are some healthier alternatives to my favorite foods?
    • What’s the deal with probiotics?
    • How do I incorporate all of this new info when I go grocery shopping on my own?


ORDER now using code 100!




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